Investigators (Preschool)

From 30 months to 5 years

Our magnificent pre-school area has been carefully constructed to immerse children in a world of endless possibilities! There is so much to ignite interest and motivate enquiring minds including access to the wonderful outdoor beach themed play area. The Preschool area is made up of many interconnecting areas which consist of:

  • Sand – changes themes regularly to develop and keep children’s interests.
  • Water – exploration of measuring, pouring, colour, science (things that float, waterproof etc.).
  • Messy Areas – Gluing, scissor work, play dough, working with different media to create masterpieces.
  • Home Corner – Role play developing speech and language, building on their own observations and experiences.
  • Construction Area – Developing critical thinking and problem solving skills alongside how things work such as cars and trains.
  • Food Banquet – An area to eat in a clean environment, cooking skills and tasting items from different festivals from around the world.
  • literacy table – learning how to hold a pencil correctly, developing early writing skills and phonics.
  • Maths Table – Problem solving using different equipent.  Experimenting with weights, height, measuring, numbers
  • Painting Easel – Colour mixing, creation of amazing artwork, chalk board writing.
  • Library Area – A quiet area to explore the love of books.  A time to learn characters from the ‘Oxford Reading Tree’  (one of the primary school’s reading schemes).
  • Investigation Room/ ICT Suite – Science of light, exploring animals and nature, the past ie dinasours that walked the earth, Space and experienment that open the door to open questions, developing language and communication and thinking. 

A highly qualified teaching team is on hand to make sure that children’s investigations are fun and valuable learning experiences. As with all of our children’s spaces, there are toilet and sleeping facilities readily available to promote independence and ensure children are comfortable and well rested.

Because we have built close relationships with the children in our care, we are sensitive to their transition and understand what it means to each individual child. Our role is very much about enabling children to test and try out their ideas, to help children expand upon these with a view to maximising their learning potential.

To get children ready for school, we do lots of educational programmes such as Ten Town which helps children to learn numbers by character names, songs and games.  Phonics, Letters and Sounds and Early Talk Boost programmes to enhance their speech, language, communication and understanding.

 “Children, are little scientists, they need to explore, interact with, and experiment in order to gain the information they need to understand their world. … In later stages, word puzzles, problem-solving tasks, and logic puzzles will help their cognitive development”  Piaget.


Investigation Room

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Great Expectations is a family run nursery in the heart of Middlesbrough catering for children between 6 weeks and 5 years.

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