Explorers (Babies)

From 6 weeks to 18 months

Play is the highest form of research – Albert Einstein

We have designed our beautiful baby room to enable our caring and professional staff who have over 15 years experience with caring for babies. Practitioners arrange the day in harmony for your baby, ensuring continuity from home to nursery by following their individual routines and needs.  Cosy areas and comfortable seating provide a relaxing space for one to one time, while the dedicated milk kitchen, sleep area and nappy change facility ensure instant nourishment, rest and comfort.  The room will spark their investigation skills, enticing them to explore, building on their muscle development and encouragement to pull themselves up on equipment.  It is a room just for babies, making it a safer environment for them to play.  Once our babies are confident in their walking, they are then moved on in their development into the Toddler Room.

In caring for your baby, we shall do as you ask. When parent and baby first come to our baby room we will ask you to spend some time with us to help us to understand your baby’s routine and needs. We will gently integrate your baby’s routine into our nursery day. Your baby’s day will be filled with toys (regularly cleaned and sterilised), messy play, exploration, talk, music, walks and hugs. All of our baby rooms have a chair where your key worker can sit comfortably to spend time with your baby, especially when bottle feeding. Gradually, we will work with you to wean your baby onto a varied menu of homemade food. Finally, when babies are tired, they are encouraged to sleep in our cosy cots.

With their care needs met and their special adults close, babies can get to work exploring.  we provide a stimulating environment that encourages natural curiosity, exploration and development. There is a wide range of equipment and resources to support learning this together with knowledgeable staff who create opportunities for all round development, including heuristic play- exploration of treasure baskets, natural objects, open ended resources and stimulating black and white resources.


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Great Expectations is a family run nursery in the heart of Middlesbrough catering for children between 6 weeks and 5 years.

Call: 01642 243256

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