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A beautiful open air space in the heart of Middlesbrough

Children’s wellbeing and positive mental health benefit from being outdoors.  There is increasing evidence that spending time in natural environments can help children who are regularly exposed to stressful events.  It helps them to become less anxious and develop a stronger sense of self worth.  A growing body of research shows that the frontal cortex in the brain, which is responsible for controlling emotions, is activated during outdoor play contributing positively to children’s social and emotional development.

People are often surprised to find such a large, fantastic outdoor area in our nursery that is situated in the heart of Middlesbrough town.

Lots of time, thought and planning has been invested in our outdoor area and facilities making them what they are today. We have recently had an extension to our pre-school area and we now have a brand-new bike park for the children to enjoy.

At Great Expectations we believe that a high-quality outdoor environment offers infinite possibilities for learning. All seven areas of learning described in The Early Years Foundation Stage Guidance (personal social and emotional/communication and language/physical development/literacy/mathematics/understanding of the world/expressive arts and design) can be practiced outdoors together with essential life skills known as The Characteristics of Effective Learning (playing and exploring/active learning creating and thinking critically)

We’ve got a lovely sandpit, paddling pools, pirate ship, ball areas, a water wall, and many other fun activities for the children to engage in outside.

Our outdoor provision is in the process of being updated to represent a Beach Theme. 

Self-selection beach huts filled with maths, literacy, sand, water, and mud kitchen resources for your child to choose from, enables your child to be in charge of his/her own learning and development. 

We have a pirate ship where children can climb, role-play and imagine they are sailing the 7 seas with their friends.  This will help with communication and language, gross motor skills, physical development, and understanding risk-taking.

An interactive water wall to explore the science of water, colour changing using pipettes and food colouring, friction and the use of different items to see which can move the fastest/ sink or float etc.  The list is endless to develop their critical, thinking and problem-solving development.

There is a huge space ready for a beach, which will be covered over to give children protection in the Summer months.  Children can then make their own sandcastles, have a picnic, explore the texture of sand wet, dry and icy.  This area is giving children the opportunity to experience the beach right in the centre of town.  

Did you know...

Outdoor play encourages social and moral development. Outdoor play presents opportunities for exploring and using large equipment.

Did you know...

It encourages children to grow in confidence and self-esteem. Some children appear more comfortable with themselves and others when they are outside.

Did you know...

It promotes and enables physical activity. Joining in physical activity can have huge benefits for young children.

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