Good afternoon everyone. I just wanted to reach out as I am aware of the recent pictures on Facebook showing how children in other settings are been pushed into taped areas and to be honest look like battery hens. I can not stress strongly enough that this is and will not happen with your children! I am working on numbers of children that will be returning and the staff members that will be looking after your children in small groups (bubbles). Your children will be in these groups with children they play with and a familiar adult with resources for that group for the given day. Those resources will be cleaned after each day’s use and circulated to the next bubble group and so on, for all children to access all the resources. The outdoor area will be used by the bubble groups and again cleaned before the next bubble group goes out or circulates into another area. If your child is upset and needs a cuddle, then absolutely your child will get that cuddle, its up to us all to use common sense and follow the hygiene guidelines laid out by the government. Your child’s well-being is paramount, and their everyday needs will be met, by cuddles from their bubble friends and adults, first aid and general personal care will continue as normal. I can understand your fears and anxiety, but I can assure you that everything in my power will ensure that your children will have a fun and normal (to a degree) experience within Great Expectations. I am here to take any calls to answer any questions and to take your requirements for your childcare needs. I will of course keep up dating you on what is going on, and I am working on strategies, procedures and new routines in order to safeguard your children, their families and the heroes that are the Great Expectations Team. xx
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