Newsletter October 2019

Our beach area outside is coming along nicely, the children are already enjoying the beach huts.  These will be filled with different resources that your children will be able to self-select equipment/toys they would like to play with.  Soon the beach itself will be constructed to complete the transformation of our outdoor area.

Our e-portfolio system (Baby Days) is proving to be a success.  Please be patient with staff especially in the baby room for adding pictures and information onto your child’s page. We have lots of new starters in there that need a lot of nurturing, care and attention to settle into their new environment.  Once all the children are settled you will see lots of pictures and information.  Please if you have not already accepted the email to join Baby Days could you let the staff know in order for you to keep up to date with information, dates for your calendars and up and coming events that we don’t want you to miss out on.

Next week the Tweenie’s and Preschool room will be learning about Space and the planets in our solar system.  They will be coming home talking about it so back to school mums and dads to gen up on the names of the planets to help them along at home!  They will be making rockets so if you have any Pringle tubes please bring them in for model making.

Our Halloween disco will be on the 31st of October so please come dressed up to scare me!  There will be fun games and spooky foods to eat and enjoy along with funky music to dance along to.

I hate to say this but the weather is plummeting. We seem to have missed a season and hit winter by the look and feel of the weather this morning brrrrrrrrr!!!  Could I ask that your children bring in gloves, hats and scarves to keep them cosy toasty whilst playing outside?

We are going to hold parents evenings the week commencing 11th November from 11.30am to 12.00 & 4pm to 5pm with 10 minute slots to discuss your child’s development and information on how they have settled into nursery.  I will be giving each room a timetable where you can make your appointment with the room leaders.

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